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In the online store «Himmagazin» in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, 1 phenyl 2 nitropropene is on sale, which is offered at an affordable price. The substance is used in the pharmacological and chemical industries.


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Features of a chemical compound

Phenylnitropropane has a distinctive strong smell and is presented in crystalline state. The colour of the crude is yellow. Melting temperature is 66ºС. The compound is dissolved well in ethanol, diethyl ether, isopropyl alcohol. At the same time it doesn’t dissolve in water.

Phenylnitropropane has to be stored in a dark and cool place, far from exposure to direct sunlight. Our company’s storage spaces are specially equipped to meet storage requirements. This is why we offer you to purchase high quality 1-phenyl 2-nitropropene and at a good price in St Petersburg.

Recommendations for use

  • Before starting the use of nitropropane it is necessary to make sure that the compound was stored under correct conditions
  • When using phenyl nitropropane, it is required to provide necessary protection for n mucous membrane, respiratory system, hands and body skin
  • You should remember that upon reaching 66ºС Phenyl Nitropropane begins to melt.

Application scope of phenyl nitropropene

You can order nitropropane from our company in St Petersburg or Moscow for the synthesis of organic compounds in chemical industry. Usage of nitropropene allows to get oxime phenyl-2-propanol or phenyl-2-nitropropane.The compound is being used in pharmaceutical industry. Propene is purchased for usage as supplements to antidepressants and means for getting rid of alcoholism, shortness of breath, for example, asthma.

Benefits of cooperation

You can purchase from us 1-phenyl nitropropene by using cash or bank transfer or credit/debit card, including electronic money, with a delivery to St Petersburg or Moscow. We strictly comply to the storage conditions and guarantee high quality of sold products.In order to purchase nitropropene you can fill in an application form on the website or contact one of our managers. Our specialists will help you form your order for 2-phenyl nitropropene, check availability in the warehouse and agree on the delivery time. Due to straight cooperation with manufacturers, we offer you to buy propene remunerative price.

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