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The online store of chemical reagents offers 4-methylpropiophenone for sale at a competitive price in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. It is an organic substance related to aromatic propiophenones.


At first sight the compound looks like a liquid of yellowish colour with a not very pronounced smell. The compound mixes poorly with water, but dissolves well in organic type solvents. Melting temperature is 7,2 °C, and 238-239°C is 4 methyl propiophenone’s boiling temperature. 

We strictly observe storage conditions in our warehouse and maintain the necessary temperature conditions, and supply the compound in fresh form. You can buy high quality 4 high-quality methyl propiophenone from us at an affordable price, which is bottled in a 100 ml container.

The substance is non-toxic, but it does imply special storage conditions. When working with the compound wear protective clothing and gloves, and also you need to protect your eyes and respiratory system. For storage it is recommended to use a closed container, and place 4-methylpropiophenone in a dry, cool and dark place.


The compound is used in pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of drugs as well as in the organic synthesis. It is used in the production of medications. The substance is used in veterinary medicine and it can also be used in perfume industry.

 We adhere to reasonable pricing policy and accept electronic money for payment. In order to get a consult from our specialists we suggest you call us at the numbers indicated on the site.


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