1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylene

1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylene

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In our chemical reagents store you can buy 1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylene in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk for use in thin crystalline synthesis processes or as a replacement for phenyl nitropropene. The liquid substance has a 14% concentration, has a specific unpleasant odor.

Chemical properties

• Hydration;
• Hydrogenation;
• Halogenation;
• Oxidation;
• Hydrohalogenation;
• Polymerization.

1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylenes are used in the form of a liquid and a crystal-like mixture with the addition of trans or cisomers.

Application features

Solution of the agent is poisonous for humans. Do not let it get to the mucous membrane or the respiratory system. Treatment should be careful as the skin and mucuous membrane will be affected instantly. Reaching the skin, the compound provokes itching, irritation and burning, the intensity depends on the area of distribution and concentration. Burns are possible, in this case you are required to consult a doctor.

When purchasing 1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitropropene nitroethylene you need to make sure that you have appropriate protection: respirator, rubber gloves and gloves. The compound has to be stored in a closed container. You shouldn’t keep it in a room, where the temperature could go below 15ºС. You shouldn’t leave it for a long time in the sun either.

We sell chemical reagents on favourable terms. Our specialists will consult you on payment, compound’s properties, that consists of a mixture of 1 phenyl 2 methyl and 2 nitroethylene. You can check reagents’ availability with our specialists by phone.

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