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Bromoketone 4 rd in DXM 9%
Chemical compound Bromoketone-4 is produced in laboratory conditions by synthesizing hydrobromic acid and 4-methylpropriophenone. As a result you get a reactive of crystalline structure, which has white or cream colour.
Bromoketone 4 rr benzene 9%
Chemical compound Bromoketone-4 is produced in laboratory conditions by synthesizing hydrobromic acid and 4-methylpropriophenone. As a result you get a reactive of crystalline structure, which has white or cream colour.
In the online store «Himmagazin» in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, 1 phenyl 2 nitropropene is on sale, which is offered at an affordable price. The substance is used in the pharmacological and chemical industries.
1,4-Butanediol 13%
1,4-Butanediol is an organic substance belonging to the class of dihydric alcohols, which is a lubricant oil without color and odor. 
1,4-Butanediol 99%
1,4-Butanediol is an organic substance belonging to the class of dihydric alcohols, which is a lubricant oil without color and odor. For some manufacturers, 1,4-butanediol may be called butanediol, 2-butyne-1, 4-diol.
1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylene
In our chemical reagents store you can buy 1 phenyl 2 methyl 2 nitroethylene in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk for use in thin crystalline synthesis processes or as a replacement for phenyl nitropropene. 
The online store of chemical reagents offers 4-methylpropiophenone for sale at a competitive price in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. It is an organic substance related to aromatic propiophenones.
Lidocaine  is a pharmacologically active compound with anesthetic and antiarrhythmic properties. According to its chemical structure it is a substituted amide of acetanilide. The compound is a white or whitish powder of small crystals, almost insoluble in water. Used in the form of hydrated salt of hydrochloric acid, which is easily...
Valerophenone - chemical substance which belongs to the aromaketonov.


Bromine is a liquid substance of dark brown color with a particularly sharp and extremely nasty smell. It belongs to the halogen group of the periodic system.
Methylamine is derived from ammonia, it is called aliphatic amine, monomethylamine, aminoethane or MMA. It is an organic compound that is highly toxic. At the same time it is widely used for production of dyes and medicines.
Hydrochloric acid dioxane
The chemical substance hydrochloric dioxane is a hydrogen chloride dissolved in dioxane and has a large number of spheres for use. Synonyms:  dioxane anhydrous hydrochloric acid, diethylenedioxide and 1,4-dioxane, dioxane saturated with hydrogen chloride.  
1,3 dimethyl amylamine
1,3 Dimethylamylamine is an organic compound, a monoamine. It influences a person same as caffeine. According to the conclusion, WHO is a stimulant that can increase mood. Synonyms: DMAA1, geranamine, 3-dimethylpentylamine HCl, methylhexanamine, 2-hexanamine-4-methyl, 1,3-dimethylpentylamine, geranium extract, 2-amino-4-methylhexane
4-fluorobenzaldehyde is an organic compound. It is a transparent liquid with a weak odor. Presented in chemical mixtures with 99% percentage of the main substance. Synonyms of substance: 4-fluorobenzaldehyde, 99% can occur under other names.  
Lithium aluminium hydride
Lithium aluminum hydride is a known chemical entity of inorganic nature, which is a mixed-ligand complex formed by aluminum and lithium hydride.  Synonyms:  lithium tetrahydroaluminate (name according to the IUPAC system), lithium aluminum hydride, lithium alanate
Sodium hydride
Sodium hydride is one of many chemical compounds that do not belong to the organic. The substance belongs to the class of volatile hydrogen compounds. Refers to ion type hydrides.
Sulfuric acid
It is an inorganic oxygen-containing diacid, which is considered one of the most chemically active and aggressive. In chemical reactions it often acts as an oxidant. The acid can be used in a diluted and concentrated form, and its chemical properties depend on the consistency.
Diethyl ether
Diethyl ether is an organic compound belonging to the class of ordinary alicyclic compounds.  Synonyms:  sulfuric ether, ethyl ether, ethoxyethane


Iodine is one of the elements of the periodic table, belongs to the class of halogens. Non-metal.
Hydrochloric acid
One of the most caustic liquids used in industry is hydrochloric acid. It is a mixture of water and hydrogen chloride, and in liquid form is capable of destroying various substances.


Benzene is an organic substance. Liquid without color, but with a characteristic specific sharp odor. Benzene is one of the simplest aromatic hydrocarbons.  Synonyms:  Benzene, phenol, hydrogen


Acetone, refers to saturated ketones, a representative of organic matter. In translation from Latin - vinegar (acetum).
Petroleum ether
Petroleum ether is a colorless liquid with a petrol smell. Petroleum ether is obtained from light fractions of petroleum and associated petroleum gases produced during direct distillation of oil. The ether itself is a mixture of hexanes (C6H14) and pentanes (C5H12).
Orthophosphoric acid
Orthophosphoric acid - is one of many inorganic acids of average catalytic activity. In the food industry, it is used as a food supplement called E338. Reacts with many chemicals.

Buy Chemical reagents in Moscow

Реактивы для лабораторий, которые участвуют в химических реакциях, называют еще реагентами. Самая важная характеристика реагентов – это их чистота, а для твердых веществ еще и однородность. В мировых масштабах единой системы на лабораторные химреактивы по чистоте не существует. Квалификацию «ч» (чистый) дают реактивам, которые содержат не ниже 98% основного компонента. Некоторые зарубежные предприятия предлагают реактивы с квалификацией «практический», содержащие не ниже 90% основного вещества. Со времен СССР в РФ действует следующая классификация степени чистоты: «тех.» (технический, низшая степень чистоты), «ч.» (чистый), «ч.д.а.» (чистый для анализа), «х.ч.» (химически чистый), «осч» (особо чистый).

Поскольку для современных методов анализа этого деления оказалось недостаточно, были введены специальные, особые виды квалификации химреактивов:

  • Оптически чистый
  • Спектрально чистый
  • Ядерно чистый
  • Хирально чистый
  • Для термохимии
  • Для криоскопии
  • Для хроматографии
  • Для микроскопии

Существуют реактивы «гарантированная чистота», которые содержат данные специфического фактического анализа. От чистоты и квалификации зависят и цены на химические реактивы.

Условия приобретения
Купить химические реактивы в Москве можно любой очистки и синтеза. Ассортимент химреактивов составляет более 200 тысяч наименований и постоянно обновляется. В нашем интернет-магазине химические реактивы разрешается фасовать в малых и ультрамалых дозах. Также мы обязательно соблюдаем систему знаков на этикетках, которая отображает огнеопасные, токсичные и взрывоопасные вещества, условия перевозки, хранения и обращения с ними.

В прайсе на химреактивы можно увидеть, что ассортимент разделяется на основной и заказной. Основной содержит около 20 тысяч наименований, которые производятся в особо крупных размерах. А заказной собирается по предварительному заказу потребителя. Особое распространение имеют уже готовые формы реактивов, которые дозированы в ампулы или таблетки. Некоторые реагенты после регенерации разрешается использовать повторно.

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