Laboratory reactor 100L
Our shop represents laboratory drum- type chemical reactor with updated design, increased security measures and high operability. It is suitable for small and medium scopes of work can be used in biopharmaceutics, for organic synthesis and inorganic synthesis realization.  
Laboratory reactor 50L
Laboratory reactor 50L is a reactor system, which is suitable for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, as well as for research laboratories. The volume of the reaction vessel is 50 liters. 
Laboratory reactor 30L
Our laboratory reactor 30L has a glass bowl of 30 liters. The mail purpose of the reactor is providing the ability of synthesizing organic substances in small volumes (in comparison with reactors that have a larger volume). 
Vacuum pump ХР-165
Pleas pay your attention to a special vacuum pump XP-165. Vacuum pumps can be used in various manufactory activities or scientific research.  The equipment can also be used for pumping out atmospheric air from a variety of reservoirs and tanks, and for filtering certain vaporous chemical compounds and gases. 
Tablet press 6000S
Tablet press 6000S- is a portable mechanical equipment, which is intended for pressing various powdered substances into small tablets. The press is equipped with a single pressing mechanism (punch), it can be adjusted for working both in manual and in automatic (using electric motor) mode.
Manual Encapsulator
The manual encapsulator is a device that allows placing a solid chemically active or pharmacologically active substance in a gelatinous shell. With the help of this shell, the substance can dissolve in the parts of the gastrointestinal tract; it doesn’t irritate the mouth and esophagus, it has better digesting in the body. Capsule...
Scales МТ 0,15 В1ЖА-8 / СКЛ "Newton"
Scales МТ 0,15 В1ЖА-8 / СКЛ "Newton"are widely used high-precision scales at the most reasonable price from the domestic manufacturer "MIDL", which cooperats with the world company "Jadever". 
Magnetic stirrer with heating MSH-20A
Magnetic stirrer with heating MSH-20A is laboratory equipment intended for mixing liquid phases of substances during physical and chemical processes. At the same time, the reaction medium can be heated in this stirrer. Method of operation of the equipment is based on the rotation of an electromagnet under the influence of an electric current.
TL-50 N17 LF 100 14/23 (0 + 250)  Laboratory glass mercury thermometers
TL-50 is a laboratory glass mercury thermometer, which has a taper pin number 17. This thermometer is intended for use in modern pharmaceutical enterprises. It is also used in various chemical studies and laboratory work. TL-50 is developed for monitoring and analysis of temperatures in chemical liquids in beakers (including narrow ones).
Mercury thermometer TTP4 1 240 103 (0 + 100)
Mercury thermometer TTP4 1 240 103 (0 + 100) is a technical thermometer of the fourth version. Graduation mark of this thermometer is 1 ° C, its length in the upper wide part is 240 mm, and in the lower narrow part is 103 mm. 

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